Sight’s Blue Sense 3


Sight’s Blue Sense is nothing else than an attempt to see Venice as a contemporary city. A project which aims to inspire reflection to those who look at it. Venice is the symbol of a never‐ending Story which continually reinvents itself. A place where memory, history and contemporaneity are blended and create unexpected space‐time landscapes.

Nowadays there are no boundaries between countries, cities and cultures: everything is mingled and is subjected to a continuous evolution. Understanding how we perceive the Italian contemporary city (mainly conceived as a place where historical stratigraphy is still evident) can help us interpretate our way of life. Architecture mirrors and reveals the same society that produced it: real life images, achievements, defeats…the fancies of an entire epoch become concrete through its stones. Via its tangible existence, architecture ceaselessly allows us to understand and recall who we are as it helps us to find a place in time and space.

In 2015 this project won several awards: Sony World Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie in Paris, FAPA – Fine Art Photography Awards, IPA – International Photography Awards, MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards.

Sight’s Blue Sense is registered in the prestigious Historical Archive of Circolo Fotografico La Gondola in Venice.

80×100 cm | 31,5″x39,5″ (Framed with passe‐partout)

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Category: Photography Artists: Alessandra Bello