Dolomiti inaccessibili 1 [Inaccessible Dolomites]


Suspended chronicles on the mountain ridge. An Alpine diary

Inaccessible Dolomites is the tip of the iceberg of a research carried out by Alessandra Bello ‐ landscape and architecture photographer. She documents the signs of the old front lines of the First World War which are still visible on the Dolomites.
I personally decided to follow the front line from Monte Nero on the Prealpi Giulie to Ortles in the Stelvio National Park. This front line covers three regions which are quite close but very different from each other in terms of politics and nature. This area joins all the nine zones belonging to the Dolomites Unesco project with which the photographer shares the purposes and the important concepts such as union and valorisation (in collaboration with Italia Nostra Bolzano). The inspiring idea of this project is rooted in the author’s personal experience and in the awareness of the extraordinary communicative power of photography. As these places need to be protected not only as a memory of sacrifice but giving it a different identity of remembrance. The landscape “tells” us about the people’s lives, fears and hopes of the time but not only, can also convey historical and political priorities along with their achievements and failures. This symbolic and monumental structure acquires a singular importance and combines the geological and naturalistic values which increase its worth. The Dolomites therefore acquire a dimension of collective identification.

The Alpine diary becomes a messenger and so the landscape “tells its own story” and its history. The shapes, the morphology and all living things that transform it. This landscape is like an ice and stone theatre capable of expressing our history. These places are not only extraordinary for their uncontroversial beauty but also for transpiring our history which represents us as citizens.

This exhibition project is supported by Dolomiti Fondazione Unesco and Italia Nostra onlus – Bolzano.

90×60 cm | 35,5″x23,5″

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