Carcities 2


In the society where I live, everything looks disjointed and too fast like a sort of post‐futuristic era where everything becomes fluid and where are no priorities.
As if in a sort of collage, the images are created with games of reality and reflections (this latter intended as an imaginary reality). This freedom of compositions inspires new connections and brand‐new identities. Photography becomes a new synthesis of fragments. Images that have different origins – theoretically not compatible ‐ placed in the same photo which catches the observer’s point of view.
The photograph reveals a new reality which is a hybrid of authentic and virtual levels. It causes an alienation effect making reality and reflection not easy to understand. Everything is portrayed and on the same level.
The haziness of this combination makes this image open to furthermore possibilities of being read in different ways. The awareness of those looking at it is temporarily suspended. The tension between reality and reflection gives the image a singular hypnotic characteristic. For a while we tend to stop still looking for the truth, maybe slightly out of time.

51,5×80 cm | 20″x31,5″

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Category: Photography Artists: Alessandra Bello