PR Marketing – Communication by Ornella Naccari

She is a consultant in the field of marketing and events and works as a travel designer. She arranges and coordinates cultural tourism projects for individuals, companies and institutions based in Italy and abroad

In the field of culture she collaborates with G’art [galleria delle arti] liaising with an excellent network of art directors, art project managers and architects.

In Art On she manages the profiles of artists and designers proposing their artworks to the public through the digital platform too.

Ornella Naccari

G’art [galleria delle arti]

It’s a non-profit cultural association, whose mission is to propose and convey the promotion of issues referring to cultural and artistic heritage for nearly 15 years

We conceive and promote multidisciplinary projects​ in unconventional contexts through the use of innovative tools. We cater for social issues, local impact and contemporary phenomenas.

At the centre of our activity we put the value of people, in order to achieve advantageous outcomes for those who are involved in a project.  We create synergies among artists, professionals, companies highlighting common aims and encouraging the importance of shared differences.” (from “Tell me about G’art”)

In Art On G’art identifies and selects talented artists and designers to be proposed to the public according to shared cultural interests.

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