Utopia 3


Artworks can be purchased individually: €350 each

Mixed media on MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)
Graphite, acrylic, pen and china on paper

Cm 28×38,5 | 11″x15,5″ each

This collection shows the present development stage of his painting, which composition got richer in the last years with different graphic styles (marks, scratches, engravings made with various objects) as well as with the collage technique, with drafts of Indian ink and the use of plain woods frames, unusual in his previous works.

UTOPIA proposes in the creative sphere this concept of an unattainable ideal place, which serves as a stimulus for the creative process. Quoting the Argentinean director Fernando Birri, utopias make us walk and progress towards an unreachable horizon while we draw our path through a continuous exercise of trying-failing. It’s precisely this that helps the artist’s self-knowledge and their formal and conceptual evolution.

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Category: Visual art Artists: Andrea Zuppa