Changing sphere 6


Raku (pottery)

Cm 22,5 | 8,85″ x Cm 21 | 8,26″ x cm 11,5 | 4,5″ (H)

The raku ceramic series Variazioni sulla sfera (Changing sphere) shows the research on the utopian three-dimensional shape par exellence, considered the symbol of perfection by ancient civilizations. In his ceramics, the artist willingly drifts away from the sphere’s perfect shape, as if he’s playing for the pure pleasure of endlessly repeating a procedure almost identical to itself. Knowing that if we’d get to perfection, one day, the game will stop and the experience will end. And in the repetitive cycle of re-creating different shapes he doesn’t hide the trace of his remorses, mendings on molded matter, repairings on still visible wounds.

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Category: Visual art Artists: Andrea Zuppa