Oil and acrylic paints on canvas

Cm 100×100 | 39,37″x39,37″

“Maridaje” is a spanish word that is used to indicate the ideal combination between wine and food. Insiders often seek the right combinations playing on harmony and contrast of tastes. Who sits at the table has nothing to do but enjoy the choices propoused, they can be happy or annoyed by this.

In analogy to the meaning of this word the serie MARIDAJE propoused by the artist collects of artworks he has done between the years 2017 and 2019 in which the aim is the seek of the right harmony and/or contrast between the ingredients of a painting: colour, form and composition; deliberately subtracting the artwork from the most immediate meanings and choosing for this reason a purely informal and abstract language.

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Category: Visual art Artists: Andrea Zuppa