This masquerade

The acronym A.A. simply means Artisan Artist. No name. No self-promotion.
A.A is the symbol of mutual desire to show how unique the Venetian and Italian heritage of art and artistic craftmanship is.

So, this collection takes its inspiration exactly from this concept. Despite the anonymity, these Carnival masks are unique pieces that have been created using papier-mâché according to the antique Venetian tradition of “maschereri”. For the first time in history masks are made out of broken Murano glass scraps and are also enriched with further precious elements such as golden and silver leaf. In order to bring to light the typical Italian know-how which mingles tradition, recycling and clever additions with qualities such as personality, talent, technique and material awareness.

The creator’s choice of “wearing a mask” and not revealing his/her own real name is connected to the current need to step aside as individuals and promote common good only. Human initiative is an authentic bulwark of free, individual, expression and is able to express the untouchable uniqueness via art and creativity.

Reluctant while playing with his/her own supposed identity, the creator A.A. finds peace only when focusing on the message which tries to reply to the common need for answers through Beauty.

“Are we really happy here with this lonely game we play? Looking for words to say, searching but not finding understanding anywhere, we’re lost in a masquerade…” (*)

(*) The project “This Masquerade” was born on the same wave lenghth as the song launched by George Benson in the 70s. Surprisingly, it seems to have been written in 2020: an epoch of viruses, uncertainties and unanswered questions.