Anaïs La Macre

Grown up in the suburbs of Paris –a hard core of working class actions, manifestations and uprisings where youngsters are attracted to powerful ideologies – Anais soon feels the necessity to “remember” what is happening around her.

At the age of 7 she asks for a small camera for her birthday, a Halina Paulette model which soon becomes an authentic extension of her right arm and her best friend tenderly called “my Paulette”. “An unimportant existence with only a few things to be told” she replies to those who ask questions about her youth: the usual teenage issues, an incredible craving for experimentation but not a coin in her pocket. An inconceivable vision of the world which is thought of a place where mannequins usually come alive in shopping centres during the night…

The suburbs in her mind and a likeness towards everything that is not tidy, she dedicates her time looking into “places that are not places” and lands‐in‐between where some frail blades of grass arise between decadence and rubbish.

“If you see a tormented soul roaming in lonely or dangerous places, that’s absolutely me” she says about herself.

Miles away from the typical dynamics of the art market, advertisement and social networks, she brings back memories of artists who used to propose their own creations by word of mouth unconsciously hoping to come across a patron one day or another. She lives in both France and Italy. According to her, this latter is one of the countries which is able to most motivate her when ”inspiration is half asleep”.


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