Yes, we deal with cultural tourism as well!

Our tours? Let’s start from Venice!

You’re probably wondering how tours can coexist in a website which is basically on art and for art.
Let’s start by precising that tours are the “leisure part” of our service agency: a real DMC (Destination Management Company) which has been working on all the Italian territory to arrange conventions, fairs, exhibitions, journeys, and cultural itineraries.

Let’s just take a step back. Cultural tourism…almost an heresy. Isn’t it?! Unfortunately according to many people the combination of culture and tourism has never been considered a successfull blend – at least up to some time ago. In fact it was thought of as dangerous which could negatively influence the high cultural value of monuments, artworks or tourist attractions.

Let’s go back to nowadays. It is time to give room to the socalled “cultural tourism” which has done a lot in order to promote our cultural heritage worldwide. We are in fact talking about journeys, visits, experiences of a place including values, lifestyle and local folklore: arts, craftmanship, traditions and all those cultural activities and events that a site can offer.

Atelier Scatola Magica
Un teatro di sensazioni, curiosità, stile. Costumi  teatrali, maliziosi corsetti, costumi professionali per la danza si alternano alle collezioni donna, agli accessori, agli abiti da sposa in una inusuale galleria di proposte con un tratto in comune.

Let’s go into detail

Starting from Venice, our city, we propose 3 different types of tours which represent three different approaches to discover our territory: heritage, arts and traditions.


Let’s begin with the Shakespearean tours proposed in Venice (July 2020). These tours come from the project entitled “Shakespeare in Veneto” which was conceived on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death in 2016.

The story of “The merchant of Venice” is set in well-known places in the city which can still be identified in some areas in Rialto, Cannaregio and the Venetian Jewish ghetto. Furthermore, the tour of “Othello” – or more precisely Othello and Jago – comes from some legendary areas of the city which are characterised by the combination of curious coincidences, anecdotes and historic references. These confirm the references mentioned in the tragedy of the Moor of Venice according to the Shakesperean view.


Our photography tours, instead, are set out to teach this beautiful technique having fun as well. It suits all photography enthusiasts who will be accompanied through unique itineraries to see the city from new points of view. What’s more, other beautiful destinations will be proposed in our bel paese from Spring 2021.


New 2021! Our “sparkling tours” take place in four locations: a palace, a wine bar, a court and a restaurant. Four wines to be tasted and many bubbles! A unique sensory itinerary starting from a place, a wine, art and architecture with a maître sommelier and a local professional guide.

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