Venezia 1600

1600 years of VENICE – Special anniversary

According to the tradition, the foundation of the city of Venice dates back to 25 March 421, the day on which, according to the ancient Chronicon Altinate collection of the eleventh century, the first stone was laid and the settlement process in the Rivus Altus or Rialto area (an island slightly higher than the others) began together with the consecration of the Church of San Giacometo.

In fact, during the early 1400s Italy was invaded by barbarians and the lagoon was an ideal place to take refuge as the invaders used to move around on horseback.

In 2021, Venice therefore celebrates the 1600th anniversary of ab urbe condita.
The historical Venetian brand Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765 has decided to participate in the celebration of Venice by dedicating a special exclu
– sive and refined collection to it.