Alberto Vignazia alias PAPIBULLDOZER

Papibulldozer is an alter-ego. 

Or perhaps Alberto Vignazia is Papibulldozer’s alter-ego. 

Papibulldozer is interactive and photovoltaic. He appears as a drawing, an illustration, a movie, a picture. His work can be built, recycled and installed. 

Since it is figurative, abstract or simply quoted, it spreads through each media with its own cynicism by expressing contemporary paradoxes. 

Both of which are individual and collective.

Papibulldozer is a performer. Papibulldozer makes his own history. Alberto Vignazia doesn’t. He’s shy.

He attended D.A.M.S. in Turin. He decided not to graduate as a stance going against the academic system. He finds its way taking a very close look at the fringes of society. He likes moving towards what is apparently hidden which is full of meaning and substance. He likes what is troublesome and unpleasant to observe.

The main step in his life was the birth of Papibulldozer and his blog on “cinema, art, politics and swear words. Not necessarily in this order”. In this place/non-place Alberto can finally express himself. 

He travelled and exhibited at: Passaggi a Nord-Ovest, Biella; CHIARI & geniali, Brescia; ARTEINGENUA, Milan and Rome; Chair and the Maiden Gallery, New York; Paratissima 11, Turin; Liquid Identity, Venice.