A gold cooperation

G’art and PR Marketing – Communication

© Stefano Ceretti

Dear 2021, we might say that you’re having fun as you’re going on and on provoking us… And what about us? Well, we haven’t lost time at all. Actually, we’re about to present a brand-new website and a lot of news for the public!

G’art [galleria delle arti] has worked a lot since 2007 when it was founded as a cultural association. After having found ourselves at a turning point four years ago, we opted for Venice which has happened to represent the first step of a deep metamorphosis. True, we adore looking towards future, but sometimes our artists and historic collaborators are the ones who make us look back at the past and supply suggestions to explore new innovative roads. So, that was exactly the moment when we made up our mind giving room to marketing and communication services dedicated entirely for artists. We decided to fulfill the requests coming from local artisans and designers who needed to promote their work through a concrete online platform. The transformation of G’art [galleria delle arti] was born exactly on this flow.

So, what could we propose to really make the difference? Instead of “what”, we decided to focus on “how”. 

Key word: cooperation. The liaison with “PR Marketing – Communication di Ornella Naccari” was born following the same policy characterising G’art [galleria delle arti]. As a concrete supporter of the important cultural and artistic heritage, this company has decided to endorse and promote the topics of our cultural association investing in a commercial form of exposure.

First a multi-potential platform. A multifaceted self- marketing tool for all those creative people who intend, both to sell their own products online and also take advantage of the promotional activity included.

Are you interested in presenting your works of art to your customers or increasing your social interactions online? Do you want to enhance your business contacts or attract new potential customers or collaborations? Our digital gallery displays and trades your works of art, design objects and works of artistic craftmanship online. We curate the online publication via an informal and easy-going procedure which suits the style of international art platforms. Not only. A treadmill cannot stop spinning, we are able to arrange all promotional activities including all aspects: this platform promotes you and self-promotes itself too to develop all the incredible opportunities offered by the web nowadays – video clips included. Your creations are proposed to the public with a clear approach; they gain access to detailed weekly marketing campaigns and are arranged depending on the plan you chose. We create new web contents and publish them on the main social networks. While our new monthly magazine mainly focuses on you and publishes thematic articles and interviews via connections with the contemporary world. This magazine is sent along with our brand-new newsletter by G’art [galleria delle arti]. 

What else? The whole contents – both published in Italian and English – are promoted by our new virtual friend called Venipedia – the cultural and sustainable platform of Venice – of which we’re the leader partner in the field of contemporary art.

Activities and services

What about our services? We have decided to improve our offer in terms of PR and our event organization services where it stands out – listen, folks! – therefore, the new unconventional rental service of sommeliers and maitres d’hotel. With the purpose to give an original touch to your special event and surprise your most demanding guests. What’s more, our number of available locations has raised again: exclusive unconventional partners on all the Italian territory to create the atmosphere you most desire.

And the exhibition projects? We look forward to proposing new cultural and artistic enterprises when the international circumstances will allow it. The liaison with several Italian art galleries continues and allows us to show you in person many of the works you can see in our online platform too. So, art is getting ready to “accomodate you“ in the main Italian cities. Since we adore grabbing every opportunity and being able to combine ongoing commitment, passion and pure intuition.

Press Office: press.gart@gmail.com