Sparkling tour

Venice is the liquid city par excellence. The city’s magnificence lays on an unstable and mysterious element: water. After all, we’ve just added a couple of bubbles!

The idea of a “sparkling tour” comes after the lucky meeting with the Piedmontese sommelier Edoardo Cibin. Born in 1968, Edoardo is a passionate wine professional who, after having worked for twenty years in high-standing restaurants in northern Italy, decided to dedicate himself esclusively to bubbles. Edoardo’s special sensitivity when offering a selection of unusual wine tasting to the public and his respect for local territories, led him to propose real tasting tours where wine bubbles “rule” and tell stories to palates recalling agreeability or contrasts.

Participating to a sparkling tour creates new awareness: it’s a means to become familar with the city in the most ancient and surprising way.