Cultural tours

If it’s true that a cultural tour must answer the most traditional questions (how, what, where, when) it’s the value of dailylife experience that gives a touch of magical hapharzardness and which dares to impress the travellers’ minds

Venice and its lagoon – world heritage site – whose name immediately recalls an idea of enigmatic beauty and millennial history that time hasn’t been able to fade in terms of fascination. Venice is an icon that maintains its original urban layout. The typical slow living characterising this city’s life style still catches the eyes of attentive travellers, distracted visitors, artists, illustrious personalities and intellectuals from all over the world. Our tours lead you by hand to discover this city which, for its own alchemic nature, is always in progress but always remains the same. 

Conceived for those who are looking for unexpected and unconventional corners and want to familiarize with the curiosities and combinations of history and legend which give life to a peculiar – and sometimes bizarre – urban storytelling.  

We want you to become familiar with our local artisans’ faces and hands and their Venetian laboratories. We want you to get involved in the processing techniques of glass and gold making, crochet knitting and wood working. These ancient techniques allow men and women to transform poor material into authentic masterpieces of priceless human value.

Our approach based on the “5 senses” includes your taste too and allows you to experience the food and wine of local enogastronomic tradition whose quality comes from a territory development between earth and sea.