An all-around artistic “liaison”

A brand-new project will involve us in an exciting collaboration with a well-known Venetian art gallery 

VisioniAltre by Adolfina De Stefani – an internationally renowned artist and curator of important exhibitions in various regions of Italy – is an art gallery located in the heart of the Venetian Ghetto which has been working on the meaning of the current cultural commitment since 2018. VisioniAltre is an authentic forge of ideas where artists from different generations and backgrounds share their knowledge with the public.

The idea of combining our digital platform with a physical location is inspired by the solo show of the artist – Ironie e Utopie  – currently on display until the end of August. Together we’re developing new mutual synergies: on one side, we will support VisioniAltre with our digital platform “Art On Gallery”, on the other, this Venetian location will be our special partner to see /show the works of our artists in Venice.

When art “goes digital”, the liaison is in constant (and limitless) evolution