Past events | 2016-18

“Faces of shadow” text by Paola Caramel, performed by Cecilia La Monaca + Installation “Gradiva” by Antonia Trevisan | theatrical reading included in Arts’ Connection, Glass Festival |Venice 11 May 2018

“Fire Flamenco” The soul of a murrina, performed by Manuela Carretta and Angelo Giordano – curated by Petra Cason (Vicenza) | music and dance show included in Arts’ Connection, Glass Festival | Venice 13 May 2018

“Soundtrack for desperate nights” by and with P. Caramel + Davide Calvi at the piano, 21 April, 2018| reading included in the festival “Poetry Vicenza”

Virgilio Patarini, “Cold days” curated by Paola Caramel | 14 January-28 February 2018 | Cantiere Barche 14 – Vicenza

“Diary of a Madman” by and with Virgilio Patarini, from Gogol’, 25 February, 2018 |performance included in Festival Gli stati della mente – Vicenza

Concert of Fabrizio Tavernelli’s band or crowfunding campaign promoting “Infanti” album |We_Crociferi – Venice | 19 December 2017

“Long live Italy…? About murders against culture” Mail Art exhibition curated by Paola Caramel | B&V Kayak – Venice | 20 January – 28 February 2017

“The sound of sun”, musical reading by and with P. Caramel + A. Ferrarese (piano) Refectory of A. Trevisan, Cà Zenobio – Venice | 29 October 2017