Partners & Sponsors

“In this epoch when communication is massive and excessive, it’s essential to support the research of innovative styles and expressive behaviours which can connect arts and enterprises. This concrete collaboration allows us to increase and spread the effective value of versatile – and more ethic – forms of creative expression”

We have already had the pleasure to work with:

Who are our Partners?

Those who:

  • desire to connect their brand to the world of culture and art, and give value to reliability and divulgation
  • are looking for new means of communication and consider the topics of art and culture as a valuable “plus” in order to promote their own business
  • believe in the impressive effects of Italian creativity worldwide and strive to support it

Are you a private citizen, a company, a foundation or an association?

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • combine your brand with a Venetian non-profit cultural organisation
  • combine your brand with a specific event (exhibition, show, cultural tour) to become part of the whole on-line and off-line coordinated communication
  • be presented or present your own brand or some selected products during the official event openings   
  • organize guided visits and tailor-made tours for guests, customers and employees. Every experience will be arranged according to your personal requests and business objectives 
  • be introduced to exceptional venues where your exclusive events will take place

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