Silvia Finiels

Silvia Finiels was born in Paris. She studies fashion design and textile print design. After going to Paris she starts working first in the field of fashion and then at the Opera Comique as a costume designer.Due to her studies and experience in the field of fashion, she develops and enhances a particular sensitivity towards Beauty and Art.

In 1987 she moves to Venice where – thanks to the artist Giorgio Mion – dedicates her time to antiques and decoration. Both are passionate about antique Venetian beads and together they create precious and unique necklaces.

In 2007 she opens her own personal gallery in S.Polo where beads and old necklaces are exposed along with ancient Murano glass objects. These soon become her main interest. After some time, Silvia creates her own brand called “Aventurina Design” which allows her to carry out a wide research in the field of vintage glass lamps. She therefore creates lamps with refined colours and recycled ancient glass elements which are remade with passion and care due to the clever hands of Murano glass artisans. In particular the glass grinders who usually pierce and polish the matter in order to give the objects a new interpretation. Every lamp is an authentic unique sculpture: artistic treasures where beauty and tradition are mingled to create a new style which is original and present-related.