Giulio Malfer

He began working in the field of industrial and fashion photography.

He collaborates with art galleries and museums in Milan and northern Italy, assists with the publication of art catalogues, the setting up of photographic archives and anthropological projects in Italy.

He became head of cultural communication for a clothing company, published books and created installations. He began an artistic career, which led him to exhibit in art galleries, museums, squares and city streets in Italy and Europe.

Publications, exhibitions, installations

2023 Second prize overall at the ‘International Contemporary Art Award Visioni Altre 2022-2023’ 2022 ‘Tempo Corto’ Collana Filo Rosso, Bam Arezzo 2021 ‘AdOcchiChiusi’ Bam Arezzo – ‘Eterna Memoria’ Collana Filo Rosso, Bam Arezzo 2020 ‘Ricordando il Movimento Fluxus’ curated by Adolfina de Stefani, Galleria VisioniAltre Venice – ‘How will we live in the future? ‘ VisioniAltre Gallery Venice – ‘Collective September’ VisioniAltre Gallery Venice – ‘Collective December’ VisioniAltre Gallery Venice 2019 ‘Touch’ cards Tuscany Region Memo, ‘Ad Eterna Memoria’ Capella Villa Simion, curated by Visioni Altre and Erika Lacava Spinea Ve 2017 ‘Touch-Ferrara’, First at the ‘Marco Bastianelli 2017’ Prize 2016 ‘Touch’, ‘Latitude of the Look’ 2015 ‘Glimpses of Africa’ ‘Exuberant’, ‘Dirty Work’ 2013 ‘Water’ 2014 ‘Adopt a Soul’ 2012 ‘Map’, 2013 ‘abc Autonomia’ 2011 ‘Oranti’ – ‘Carnascèr Ladin’ – ‘SenzaRitorno’ – ‘DonneinCortina’ – ‘Climbing’ 2010 ‘Partigiani’ – ‘Inni’, ‘Autonomamente’ – ‘Indagini Alpine’ – ‘Mantis-Power’ 2009 ‘Terra Vite Vino’ – ‘Io, the Others’ – ‘Mountaineers’ – ‘Portraits 2000-2009’ 2008 ‘Pickle Mountaineers’ ‘Unomontura Peole08’ ‘Triptych of Doubt’ – ‘Equivalents’ – ‘Portraits’ 2009 – ‘Rock Element’ 2007 ‘Unomontura Boundaries’ ‘The Roads of B. V.’ ‘Roads of Fear’ 2006 ‘The Colours of Grey’ – ‘Unomontura – Different’ ‘Unlined’ 2005 ‘RockMaster’- ‘The AlterEgo-Portrait’ 2004 ‘Unomontura on the Road’ 2003 ‘Sinteks’ 2002 ‘Glances from Above’ – ‘Portraits of the Author’ 2000 ‘In Presa Diretta vol. 1&2’