Orsola Mainardis

Orsola was born in Venice and has always been keen on art, design, photography and everything that can express her personal creativity. She began to work in the field of women’s clothing designing jewelry with original and refined materials such as Murano glass and crystals.

In the early 2000s, Orsola opened her first atelier in her own home located in the heart of Dorsoduro, not far from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Here she dedicates her time developing new techniques of artistic craftsmanship which combine traditional and modern methods. She experiments unconventional blends of unusual materials, the result of which turns out to be a combination of beauty and simplicity.

The collections by Orsola Mainardis are not conceived as a prêt‐à‐porter fashion (standardized and ready‐to‐wear), but offer unique pieces which represent a world in themselves for those who want to express their own individuality and taste without impositions. Like a Venetian painting these luxury pieces are declarations of openness, personality and independence.

Unique jewelry and accessories that can be perceived as over or under any limit in one glance.


GOLDEN AGE – THE VENETIAN VELVET collection | TINA collection