Laura Zuliani

She worked as a teacher for almost 40 years, but has always shown a personal creative approach towards life and her previous job.

In her leisure time she started to dedicate herself to typical female activities such as sewing, clothes design, engraving and printing on paper or textile. These “minor” arts allowed her to keep a balanced approach towards art; her creations arise from her ongoing commitment and represent real and touchable objects. 

At present her new challenge is to model carded-wool which is a raw textile, almost forgotten in our present hectic world. Laura models this new material with great stubbornness. The new material is so flexible to disorient in terms of possibilities of usage, so that its wool can be used to create clothes, bags, shoes, hats and even dwellings (among nomadic peoples). The wool can be dyed with natural colours where flowers and leaves can be printed, tied in geometric shapes,. The wool is treated with water and soap and silk is sewn by needles. This world of wool is still to be discovered.