Gino Tabacchini

Born in Vigliano Biellese in the Province of Biella in 1957. He takes inspiration from the natural beauty of his own native landscape. Self-taught since childhood, he expresses and conveys a special “love and respect” for nature via his art.

As a naturalism painter he usually depicts wild animals mainly represented in mountain landscapes and natural contexts.

Looking for pictorial naturalness, he has always had an authentic inclination toward light capture, the result of which allows him to create the typical three-dimensional effect characterising all his artworks. What’s more, this aspect conveys an immediate calm and an unusual sensation of cosiness to those who are looking at his work. His precise technique in the use of colours and his empathy toward beauty, help focus on his special connection with animals. His works of art feature the innate characteristics of nature which is so beautifully described. 

In 2019 he received the international award “Michelangelo Buonarroti” (Florence) for his work of art “Camosci sulle Prealpi”.