Geminiano Cozzi 1765

Geminiano Cozzi

Businessman and banker from Modena, he founded his porcelain factory in Venice in 1765 and his works soon became a symbol of elegance and finesse. 

From the very beginning he set the standard well above his competition, producing porcelain that was qualitatively superior, which earned immediate international success. 

One of the peculiar characteristics of the Cozzi manufactory was not only the technical quality of its products but above all the graciousness of the designs and the exceptional skill of the decorating painters, often contended with other manufactures. Cozzi’s research for innovative decorative motifs was extraordinary; its decorations are often so modern that should be considered precursors of much later compositional and artistic ideas.

Well known in the world of porcelain enthusiasts for being one of the first Italian manufactures of the eighteenth century, the “White Gold” by Geminiano Cozzi is now hosted in the most important art museums worldwide.

An elegant and unmistakable style

A story full of charm and warmth, creativity and audacity. The production of Geminiano Cozzi porcelain has returned to shine after 250 years from its foundation with all the refinement, elegance and craftsmanship that has always distinguished it.

Conquered by the entrepreneurial genius of Geminiano Cozzi, Antonio Tognana, owner of the trademark, has decided to embark on a sophisticated plan of rebirth of the brand creating different lines of products, from tableware to glass, suitable for private residences, catering and luxury hotels.

Tradition and innovation blend in this project undertaken with immense enthusiasm, in the belief that “the charm of Venetian craftsmanship is able to conquer all lovers of Beauty in its absolute meaning”.