Fulvia Notari

Fulvia Notari lives in the Venetian mainland, not far from her own atelier where she produces Murano glass jewels.

Passion for design comes from her studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Milan where she has the opportunity to study with international designers such as Achille Castiglioni, Tomaso Maldonado and Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis.

The collaboration with the architect Alessandro Lenarda – who used to design glass objects for private homes – opens the doors to the Murano furnaces to Fulvia. According to her, glass represents love at first sight. In fact, she starts studying the skills, visiting collections and museums, following exhibitions on the art of glass. In the meantime she feeds her mind with inspirations offered by the historic Padua Jewellery School which is the core of cosmopolitan influences and the meeting point of artists who are able to work on the most diverse materials. In 1995 she establishes her own brand: Antares Venezia.

Nowadays she creates Murano glass jewels which have the shape of modern and captivating pieces. Still keen on this extraordinary material – that she considers rich in personality and interesting facets – Fulvia’s desire is to keep the ancient art of Murano glassblowers alive. Unfortunately, an art which is in danger of extinction.