Cecilia La Monaca

Born and grown up in Venice. After classical studies Cecilia receives her diploma as an actress at the Civica Scuola d’Arte Drammatica of the Piccolo Teatro (currently known as Paolo Grassi) in Milan. Theatre becomes soon her profession and her life: Cecilia’s dream of performing on prestigious stages has finally come true.  

Her eclectic approach to creativity allows her to experiment other arts such as the design of exclusive necklaces. After an unexpected success with friends and colleagues, she decides to propose these works to art critics and gallerists who are particularly impressed by the originality of her creations.

One of her luckiest encounters is with the renowned Venetian gallerist Franco Regina who at the time owned two important art galleries both in Venice and in the island of Murano. He immediately proposes her an artistic collaboration which soon attracts European, American and Japanese collectors who desperately fall in love with her extraordinary creations. These necklaces are built with glass pendants which are designed by Cecilia and produced by glass masters in Murano. The inspiration comes from the stones that the sea gives back to earth as a sort of eroded survivors. Every glass stone has a shade of colour and a shape on its own which makes every jewel a one-of-a-kind piece.  

Beyond Murano glass, the artist uses Swarovski crystal glass which acquires an exceptional bright transparency due to special technical procedures. They are different from Murano glass pieces because are more clear and shiny like freshwater stones

Glass and crystal are combined with precious and original fabrics such as wool, silk, lurex, cotton and so on. Some metal materials such as silver, copper, aluminium or steal are often added to complete the final shapes of these necklaces.

Every piece is a charismatic protagonist who is able to catch the public’s eyes. Like in theatre. Whoever has one of these jewels, wears a theatrical symbol which is a messenger of emotions.

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