Endless Lizzy Vuitton


This design depicts Endless’ “Lizzy Vuitton” portrait, which is undoubtedly the artists’ most popular creation. Born on the streets of Soho and Shoreditch in London, this piece has travelled seamlessly from street to canvas and is now available on porcelain for the first time. Endless describes our Queen as “The ultimate fashion icon” and often depicts her with a designer shawl draped over her shoulders. As our longest reigning monarch, Endless celebrates her Majesty’s reign with a modern twist, by adorning her with iconic highend branding – serving the ultimate representation of luxury, power and wealth. The humorous tongue-poke pose is a nod to the British punk scene, which Endless often references throughout his works.

Dessert Plate

22,5 cm | 9″

In stock

Category: Design Artists: Endless